Atlanta 3D Tours Covid-19 Policies


Now that Georgia is in "shelter-in-place" mode, here are our policies that are focused on helping your sellers prepare for their Matterport 3D scan... so that we keep our clients and our photographers safe...

What we (the photographers) do...

  • We take our temperature (to ensure that it is in the normal range) prior to starting each day's photography session.
  • We wear latex gloves, masks, and shoe covers.
  • We clean all our cameras and iPad surfaces with Lysol® Disinfectant Spray EPA #777-99 prior to entering your home.
  • We carry and repeatedly use Lysol throughout the scanning process.
  • We seek to maintain a 6' distance from any person inside or outside the home.

What we (the photographers) need you to do before we enter the home...

The goal of the following owner (or agent) to-do list is to minimize the need for the photographer to touch any surfaces that the owner and his/her family use regularly. 

  • Turn on all lights and lamps... if a room (or the basement) has no working light bulbs... please replace the broken bulb... at least in dark spaces, such as the basement.
  • Open all blinds to a full horizontal position and open curtains
  • Hide all toiletries, bath rugs, and toilet scrubbers/plunger
  • Hide area rugs/small mats at entry doors and in the kitchen... so that the floors look more spacious and less broken up.
  • Hide all trash cans... and make sure the interior of the kitchen sink is clean and empty... no sponges, etc.
  • Try to have all light bulbs be at the same color hue (at least in the same room)
  • Close all closet doors... unless you want the pantry or the master closet to be captured in the scan.

What else is important to understand...

  • The home should be as empty as possible of humans... in order to maintain the State-required separation distance of 6'.
  • The home will need to be as "still" as possible... people and pets (and the photographer) need to hide from the camera (which will be spinning 360 degrees every five feet for 17 seconds per location).

Thanks so much! We look forward to making this an easy and fast event for everyone.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 678-909-0900.

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